Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Where do you buy wood pellets.

Most of us simply use wooden cat litter, available from all supermarkets. Horse bedding is the same and is
very cheap. There are lots of of wood pellet suppliers all over the UK who supply and deliver.

2. How much do pellets cost?

Wooden cat litter is less than £4.00 a bag from supermarkets for a 10kg/lt bag. Pellets are even cheaper
if you buy big bags from wood pellet suppliers or equine shops as mentioned above.

3. How much will it burn?

A Flame Genie model will burn a couple of bags [20kg/lt] in about 5 hrs.

4. Is it safe to cook on it?

It is as safe, if not safer than a normal wood fire.

5. How much heat does it put out? It looks small.

The Flame Genie Model puts out over 105000 BTU. It burns Very efficiently. Giving a constant
heat and flame.

6. How do you light it?

Simply use a fire lighter cube or BBQ lighter gel.

7. Can I burn regular stick wood in it?

They are really designed to burn wood pellets only. If regular wood is used it will plug up the
bottom grate and will not work.

8. Where can I burn it?

Anywhere outdoors. Flame Genie is ideal for courtyards, gardens and smaller areas because it doesn’t
smoke or spit. It certainly creates a great atmosphere and gives off lots of lovely heat.

9. How do you keep it burning?

Watch the top holes where the flames appear to be coming from. When half the holes seem not to have
flames coming from them; it is time to add pellets. Add them slowly a few at a time. Too many and you will
put out the flames.